Massive Malvertising Campaign Leads to Browser-Locking Ransomware

The Browlock ransomware (Trojan.Ransomlock.AG) is probably the simplest version of ransomware that is currently active. It does not download child abuse material, such as Ransomlock.AE, or encrypt files on your computer, like Trojan.Cryptolocker. It does not even run as a program on the compromised computer. This ransomware is instead a plain old Web page, with JavaScript tricks that prevent users from closing a browser tab. It determines the user’s local country and makes the usual threats, claiming that the user has broken the law by accessing pornography websites and demands that they pay a fine to the local police.

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What is substantial is the number of users getting redirected to the Browlock website. In November, Symantec blocked more than 650,000 connections to the Browlock website. The same trend continues in December. More than 220,000 connections were blocked just 11 days into December. Overall, about 1.8 million connections have been blocked since tracking began in September.

These numbers may not seem particularly large for those familiar with exploit kits and traffic redirection systems, but they solely represent users of Symantec products. The 650,000 connections detected in November is merely a piece of the pie, but the real number is likely to be much larger.

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